22 August 2010

Flash animations

All of these animations (except the last) I made for KUSC.org's Music X project, an interactive initiative to attract younger audiences to classical music.

janelle miau | Flash animation from janelle miau on Vimeo.

27 May 2010

T0D4Y'5 W347H3R

T0D4Y'5 W347H3R from JACONNI on Vimeo.

Collaborative film for SUN XUN'S workshop at CalArts (2010): Christy Heyob, Jin Yeol Lee, Yoon-Ah Jung, Maya Erdelyi-Perez, Joanna Leitch, Zoe Chavat, Janelle Miau, Jennifer Chang, Sara Pocock, and Meejin Hong.

21 April 2010

24 March 2010