17 November 2011

Plastiki documentary

I worked on animations that will appear in this film about plastics and a 60-foot catamaran made out of 12500 reclaimed plastic bottles and other recycled products.

The Plastiki - Project Trailer from Vern Moen's Vimeo page.

Falling: an ipad game

Here is a game, designed by James Taylor, that I worked on last year using Maya and Unity. I animated four characters falling out of an airplane. Here's one of them:

20 June 2011

Steve Martin and the Steep Canyon Rangers "Jubilation Day" video

A couple weeks ago, we made this music video for Steve Martin and The Steep Canyon Rangers:

Steve Martin and the Steep Canyon Rangers, "Jubilation Day" from Moving Colour on Vimeo.
Directed by Ryan Reichenfeld
Animation: Brian Covalt, Ken Perkins, Jeffrey Shroyer and me!
More embarrassingly, there is a behind the scenes video here.

07 April 2011


You can see it here.
UPDATE: Screenings at:
Block Animation Party/BAM Theater, Brooklyn
CalArts Experimental Animation Showcase/REDCAT Theater, Los Angeles
CalArts Plays Itself/PACT-Essen, Germany
Museum of Jurassic Technology, Los Angeles
earthmatters, New York City

01 January 2011

New Yorker cartoon cartoons

A couple years ago, I did the animatics for these animations of New Yorker cartoons. I once saw Director's Day Off while pumping gas at a Shell station at a screen on the pump. It's exciting to find your work in unexpected places.