11 December 2009

A cloth test for my upcoming film that didn't quite work out as I had planned

failed cloth test from janelle miau on Vimeo.

12 May 2009

Image of a model I created based on choreographer Koosil-ja (pictured below). This avatar was used for a dance performance in which the dancers control avatars and environments through motion capture. I created this character, her bedroom and the exterior, a slum.

A team of programmers used Max MSP, OGRE real-time engine and Wii motes. All of the models are low-poly and use up to 2 texture maps.

Bravo to Koosil-ja for her unique vision. The performance was at Dance Theater Workshop in March 2010. More here.

10 May 2009

Video clip from "Ballad for the Hurled" from Kunstverein NY on Vimeo.

Sample of "Ballade for the Hurled," an animation collaboration with visual and performance artist Marianne Vitale for an installation. We looked through her drawings for characters and objects that looked like they were in movement, then gave them new life. The animation was presented inside a hut, set in hell, at the NADA Art Fair in Miami (December 2008). A review of the show from New York Magazine.
Another motion test animation, this one based on a dance from Senegal. More about this type of dance here (in French).

sabar from janelle miau on Vimeo.