08 March 2016

Corkquenil - my Titmouse 5 second day film

While working at Titmouse Animation Studio, we had a few days (1 work day and the weekend) to make a 5 Second Day film. I wrote an article for ASIFA-East about the event. Here is my film:

15 May 2013

Yeah Yeah Yeahs video "Mosquito"

The music video I worked on with Shimbe went online May 7, 2013.

The blog format automatically crops the widescreen image. You can see it uncropped here.

13 April 2012

Oslo screening!

From February to March, a short film I made with Bee Harris--"SO LA"--screened at UKS in Oslo, as part of a collection of films by friends of Marianne Vitale. Special thanks to the Museum of Jurassic Technology for the use of their space and camera.

17 November 2011

Plastiki documentary

I worked on animations that will appear in this film about plastics and a 60-foot catamaran made out of 12500 reclaimed plastic bottles and other recycled products.

The Plastiki - Project Trailer from Vern Moen's Vimeo page.

Falling: an ipad game

Here is a game, designed by James Taylor, that I worked on last year using Maya and Unity. I animated four characters falling out of an airplane. Here's one of them:

20 June 2011

Steve Martin and the Steep Canyon Rangers "Jubilation Day" video

A couple weeks ago, we made this music video for Steve Martin and The Steep Canyon Rangers:

Steve Martin and the Steep Canyon Rangers, "Jubilation Day" from Moving Colour on Vimeo.
Directed by Ryan Reichenfeld
Animation: Brian Covalt, Ken Perkins, Jeffrey Shroyer and me!
More embarrassingly, there is a behind the scenes video here.

07 April 2011


You can see it here.
UPDATE: Screenings at:
Block Animation Party/BAM Theater, Brooklyn
CalArts Experimental Animation Showcase/REDCAT Theater, Los Angeles
CalArts Plays Itself/PACT-Essen, Germany
Museum of Jurassic Technology, Los Angeles
earthmatters, New York City

01 January 2011

New Yorker cartoon cartoons

A couple years ago, I did the animatics for these animations of New Yorker cartoons. I once saw Director's Day Off while pumping gas at a Shell station at a screen on the pump. It's exciting to find your work in unexpected places.

22 August 2010

Flash animations

All of these animations (except the last) I made for KUSC.org's Music X project, an interactive initiative to attract younger audiences to classical music.

janelle miau | Flash animation from janelle miau on Vimeo.

27 May 2010

T0D4Y'5 W347H3R

T0D4Y'5 W347H3R from JACONNI on Vimeo.

Collaborative film for SUN XUN'S workshop at CalArts (2010): Christy Heyob, Jin Yeol Lee, Yoon-Ah Jung, Maya Erdelyi-Perez, Joanna Leitch, Zoe Chavat, Janelle Miau, Jennifer Chang, Sara Pocock, and Meejin Hong.

21 April 2010

24 March 2010

11 December 2009

A cloth test for my upcoming film that didn't quite work out as I had planned

failed cloth test from janelle miau on Vimeo.

12 May 2009

Image of a model I created based on choreographer Koosil-ja (pictured below). This avatar was used for a dance performance in which the dancers control avatars and environments through motion capture. I created this character, her bedroom and the exterior, a slum.

A team of programmers used Max MSP, OGRE real-time engine and Wii motes. All of the models are low-poly and use up to 2 texture maps.

Bravo to Koosil-ja for her unique vision. The performance was at Dance Theater Workshop in March 2010. More here.

10 May 2009

Video clip from "Ballad for the Hurled" from Kunstverein NY on Vimeo.

Sample of "Ballade for the Hurled," an animation collaboration with visual and performance artist Marianne Vitale for an installation. We looked through her drawings for characters and objects that looked like they were in movement, then gave them new life. The animation was presented inside a hut, set in hell, at the NADA Art Fair in Miami (December 2008). A review of the show from New York Magazine.
Another motion test animation, this one based on a dance from Senegal. More about this type of dance here (in French).

sabar from janelle miau on Vimeo.

26 June 2004